Monthly Archives: June 2017

Greenhouse effect in a jar

Year 2 and year 3 students explored how greenhouse gases affect the Earth’s atmosphere and then together with their teachers carried out a fair test to prove ‘the greenhouse’ function of CO2. They poured 2 cm. of vinegar into two jars, put two thermometers into each jar, closed the jars with the lids and placed them under a lamp for 10 minutes. Afterwards they recorded the temperatures, added half teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and watched the reaction and temperature changes.  The students were surprised to find out that the heat was relesead by reaction. They discussed the outcomes with their teachers.

Italy’s Eco Warriors

We designed our own Eco Warriors. We designed their costumes and listed all of their superpowers!


 Their breath can close the ozono holes
 His hands can lighter atmosphere
 With the strength of her thought she can reorder the garbage in different bins
 He can produce ice from his hands to save North Pole Animals
 They can suck the pollution
 They can give a new life to death plants and flowers with the blink of an eye
 She can throw leaves that cleans the town
 They can create a rainbow with a movement of their hands
 He uses his super-speed breath to clean the air
 They can transform air pollution in flowers/plants.
 They clean the Earth with a water-ray
 She can clean dirty waters wiggling her nose

Greenhouse effect Science Investigation

This week our Year 5 students carried out the Greenhouse effect experiment that all of our partner schools have completed. They investigated what happened when the earth warmed up because of the Greenhouse effect and  it’s fair to say they were amazed and quite shocked by what they found out!

The children completed the experiment and completed a scientific write up. You can see how they got on and the work they did in the pictures below.

Climate Change Comics

The Year 2 children in our school designed their very own superheroes. Then they planned and created a comic strip featuring their superhero and their special climate changing powers. They had so much fun creating comics about their superheroes. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Saving the Planet Superheroes

Our Year 2 children designed their own planet saving superheroes! They gave them special powers that help reduce climate change. Some of their wonderful designs are shown below. Each superhero uses their powers to do good. All were slightly different and important for different reasons. The children then decided to use their superhero powers to help out the superhero they designed!