Monthly Archives: May 2018

Nesting boxes for the future

On March 23 rd year 4 students had their lessons in a different environment. The students together with their teachers and foresters went to the local forest. They brought 21 nesting boxes.The students wrote letters to birds wishing them to come back to our country after every winter. The foresters told our students how to place the nesting boxes into trees that birds could live in them. Finally, the nesting boxes were put into trees.

Primary School Students at the Sea Life Museum

On March 23 ninety-seven Vaizgantas progymnasium primary school students went on a day trip to a newly renovated  sea life museum in Klaipeda. After visiting the display and watching the dolphin show, the students took part in various educational lessons:  ‘Who lives in the Baltic Sea?’, ‘ Do Dolphins Smile?’, ‘Sea Lions in the Baltic Sea’. The students found out about endangered fish and sea-creatures in  the Baltic Sea. Thay also learnt the reasons for sea water pollution and why it is so important for every person to save and protect our sea life.