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There’s No Planet B Board-game

To mark the end of our project we decided to create something that could be re-used for years to come. Each partner school took one of our topics from across the project and created a number of questions linked to it. Then we each created a variety of pictures to match. We then merged them all together and created our very own board-game.

Here you can see our board game.

Below are the game rules.

Game Rules

We hope you enjoy playing as much as we have!

Water Cycle and Global Warming

We learnt all about the Water Cycle and Global Warming. We had a special visitor come in and speak to us all about the effects of Global Warming.

We created lots of information, a comic involving our superheroes and made a presentation for others to use. You can see all that we got up too below:


Italian globalwarming – Corretto




Changing Our Ways

When looking at the future we thought about how we can have an impact on our immediate environment. We decided that we waster too much in the canteen. We decided that we needed to reduce the amount of plastc, throw away materials we use. Instead of paper we know bring in a towel that we can reuse each day. Instead of plastic plates we bring in a tub that we can reuse each day! We have changed the way we use our school canteen to  make it more Eco Friendly!

Eco Games

We had a huge thing about ‘The Future’ and the impact we can have on our planet. We decided to make some Eco games that we could reuse over and over again in our free time. Of course they were topic themed! We have loved playing them and look forward to using them again next year. We shared some of our games with our partner schools!


Over Harvesting – Deforestation

We had huge discussions about the effects of over harvesting and deforestation. Our students really understood the impact after we had completed an investigation. We shared this investigation with all of our partner schools and they used it with their students. They too saw huge results and impact. You can find the investigation here:

over harvesting

Endangered Habitats

Our children explored many different aspects of the topic ‘Endangered Animals’. They looked at the animals, learnt their names in English, described them and learnt about what was making them endangered.

Then they learnt all about the different reasons that many many animals are becoming endangered. They found that this was mainly because of Climate Change, pollution and deforestation. The children created games, sang songs, made posters and created a presentation which you can see below:

Endangered habitats