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Our school
There are around 1500 pupils in our school. We have 19 junior secondary school classes (students aged 11-14); 32  primary school classes (pupils aged 6-10) and 16  infant school classes with pupils aged from 3 to 6. Children start compulsory school at the age of 6 and they leave our school at the age of 14. They continue studying at higher secondary schools until 16 but can continue until 18 if they want to attend university. Our school year generally starts on the 15th  of September and ends after the first week of June. Our last year students have exams to face and we all are working till the last day of June.

What we are learning
In the Italian school we study the following subjects:  Mathematics, Italian language and literature, English, Science Art; Music; Geography and History, Physical Education. From the age of 6, children compulsory learn English language  for 2 hours a week and from the age of 8 they study it for 3 hours a week until they are 14; from 11 to 14 they study French too for 3 hours a week .
Our students can also choose to study in the afternoon at our school: they can improve English and French working with mother tongue teachers and be certified by international certifying institutions (Cambridge and DELF); they widen their ITC knowledge and get the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) or they learn how to play a musical instrument and participate our school International Music Contest “Città di Tarquinia”; for a period during the school year they may have special sport sessions in the afternoon too.

How teachers evaluate at our school
The Pupils’ work is evaluated with marks from 1 to 10. 10 is the best mark and 1 is the worst. Our school year is divided in two parts. After each part pupils get half term grade report. It means they get the first half term grade report at the beginning of February and the second in June.

The life of a pupil
Pupils come to school at 8:05. The lessons start at 8:10. The length of the lesson is 60 minutes. We have ten minute break after three hours lesson. We usually have 5 lessons per day (in the morning) and one or two in the afternoon if students decide to do extra work. The last lesson of the morning ends at 1:10 pm. Pupils (11-14) generally don’t have lunch at our school but they could remain and eat a sandwich waiting for the afternoon classes, if needed.

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