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About St. Columba’s Primary

St. Columba’s is a Roman Catholic primary school located in Wallsend, on the banks of the River Tyne in the North East of England. There are 252 children in our school. The age range of the pupils is from 3 – 11years.

There are 8 classes including nursery and 13 teachers. The school population is predominantly white with English as the first, usually only, language. Statistically, the area is socially deprived and faces many barriers to economic, health and social well-being; however the pupils of St. Columba’s achieve well academically and are part of a caring, supportive community.

It is our belief that the best education is achieved by delivering a challenging and balanced curriculum which allows for the intellectual, spiritual and social development of each child. Everyone in our school community is special and we all work together to promote self-worth and self-esteem.

We believe that high expectations in every area enable children to flourish and realise their potential. By knowing each individual child, recognising their strengths and talents and providing excellent opportunities to learn, grow and develop we provide a high quality education in a Christian environment.

In recent years our local area, school and pupils have been greatly affected by climate change. Many areas have been flooded and homes damaged; some the homes of our pupils. As a school, we are greatly interested in educating and equipping our pupils with the relevant skills and knowledge on the wider world and community; specifically focusing on climate change.

As climate change is affecting local business, health and well being, buildings and infrastructure, agriculture and forestry and the natural environment, we are working with our pupils to develop flexibility, innovation and sustainability to generate ecological and environmental awareness. The project we have developed as a team is of great importance, and relevance which we can embed into our curriculum through all subjects.

All of our staff are fully qualified teachers or teaching assistants that specialize in certain subjects. All members of staff have a responsibility for areas of the curriculum; science is a particular area of interest and development. We have teachers trained in forest schools. This gives all pupils the opportunity to work outdoors with nature. The pupils in our school run an Eco-club, in which they tackle Eco based problems and issues around school.

Our school is fully committed to this Erasmus plus project and embraces the proposed opportunities to strengthen regional, national and international community links.

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