Szkola Podstawowa Nr 8 – Poland

About Szkola Podstawowa Nr 8

The Karol Wojtyła Primary School No 8 is an average sized, urban school of 360 pupils, there are children aged between 6 and 12. The school is located in the centre of Sosnowiec. The facility boasts a rich 65-year tradition, in all our activities is seen to combine respect for tradition with modernity and digitization of teaching.
We try to make every child at our school feel safe and happy and make good progress. We give children lots of opportunities to achieve in all areas of the curriculum.

Our school sees the chance to participate in activities which go beyond the normal teaching format and because we work with demanding pupils we look forward to taking part in Erasmus + educational project which is the response to our students’ needs, interests in modern technology, improving their talents and social skills.
Our current school priorities include improving standards of performance and motivation for students, the development of languages skills, ICT, e-learning and provision for the more able and talented. The school sees the need to create a greater appreciation of the world in which we live in. Our goal is to help students come to appreciate and understand the science of ecology and subsequently gain the capability to apply it to their lives.

The project will benefit on strengthening students relationship with the environment. Students should develop an understanding of basic environmental processes. Cooperation with other European schools shows that it’s the same world we’re living in and inspires students to be part of the European family.
Students take a variety of measures for their development and school development, propose and implement initiatives, school and non-school through well-working student council. Youth organizes charity events, performances in school theatrical circle, discos and events class. The school prepares students to take science to the next stage of learning to function independently in society and active participation in cultural life, among others, by organizing trips to the theatre, film and theatre lessons and school meetings with classical music performed by artists of the Silesian Philharmonic in Katowice. We offer a wide range of education experiences in the form of special interest groups and remedial courses in line with the expectations and proposals of students and parents.

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