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Climate Change Demonstration Lesson – England

St. Columba’s, England was visited by some of our Erasmus partners from Italy, Lithuania & Poland and they spent an afternoon in Y6 watching a science lesson.  We learned about how CO2 emissions are creating the so-called “greenhouse effect” leading to global warming and climate change.  Y6 scientists came up with ways to deal with raised sea-levels and the increased risk of flooding by investigating the effects of floods in the Endswall Valley.  They were given a budget of £100,000 per town to spend on flood defences – with varying degrees of success…

Our special visitors appeared to enjoy getting involved with the challenges presented to the pupils and one teacher commented that it wasn’t simply a science lesson, but a science-geography-maths-technology-English lesson.  And indeed it was, proving the Creative Curriculum is alive & well in Y6.

Teachers can find a copy of the lesson plan on this website, under the heading ‘Toolkit’.

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Project Meeting in England

Project Meeting in England

St. Columba’s, England hosted visitors from our partner schools as part of our Erasmus plus project, ‘There is no Planet B: Stop climate change’. Our visitors came from Lithuania, Poland and Italy. We welcomed them to our school with an assembly and a tour. We were all very keen to say hello in their languages which… Continue Reading