Global Warming

Comparing rainfall and humidity from 4 different countries

Lithuanian students together with their Science teacher measured rainfall and humidity in four project  partner countries over two periods of time, May 15-19 and September 18-22. After the measurements were collected, the students compared the results, drew their conclusions and illustrated their work. rainfall 1 rainfall 2 rainfall 3 Continue Reading

A lesson about the South and North Poles

Before completing a fair test about a possible cause of rising sea levels, Year 4 and Year 5 students in Vaizgantas Progymnasium had a lesson about the South and the North poles. The students compared Antarctica and the Arctic, tried to find out the differences and similarities between the two. Jūros lygio kilimo priežasčių tyrimas1 Continue Reading

Defining Global Warming

We have been learning all about the effects of Global Warming. We explored lots of different definitions of the term’ Global Warming’ and then together, came up with our own.  After completing our own research we created information posters and leaflets to display in our school.  We aimed the posters at the younger children in… Continue Reading

Global Warming

The eldest children in our school have been learning about the effects of Global Warming and the damage that it has on our planet. Over the last few weeks we have worked on the impacts Global Warming has on many of the animals, towns and rural areas of our planet. See what we found out… Continue Reading