The Eco Game

This is a game that all of our partner schools were involved in during their visit to Italy. Each partner then took the game back to their own schools and played it with their children.

Here is the lesson plan and rules.

The Eco Game

Freddy The Fish

This is a story all about a fish named Freddie. At Ettore Sacconi we told this story to our children and partner schools. During the lesson children investigated what happened to Freddie at each part of the story. The children gained a lot of understanding from what happened to Freddie and were able to suggest… Continue Reading

Blowing up our world

Here is a story that demonstrates what happening to our world because of Climate Change. It’s a lovely simple way of sending the message to children of all ages. We all enjoyed taking the story back into our home schools and sharing it with our children. Blowing up out world Continue Reading

A lesson about the South and North Poles

Before completing a fair test about a possible cause of rising sea levels, Year 4 and Year 5 students in Vaizgantas Progymnasium had a lesson about the South and the North poles. The students compared Antarctica and the Arctic, tried to find out the differences and similarities between the two. Jūros lygio kilimo priežasčių tyrimas1 Continue Reading