Project Meeting in England

Project Meeting in England

St. Columba’s, England hosted visitors from our partner schools as part of our Erasmus plus project, ‘There is no Planet B: Stop climate change’. Our visitors came from Lithuania, Poland and Italy.

We welcomed them to our school with an assembly and a tour. We were all very keen to say hello in their languages which we had learned in preparation for their visit.

Our visitors spent time in each of our classes, from Nursery up to Year 6, learning about our curriculum and school life. We held a big project meeting in which we planned lots of exciting activities based around climate change to be carried out in the next few months.

On Thursday afternoon our visitors spent the afternoon watching a fantastic Year 6 science lesson on climate change. They saw what brilliant scientists Year 6 are! During the lesson Year 6 completed a number of experiments, exploring carbon dioxide. Then they watched the effects climate change had on a number of Year 6 villages. After building their villages, Year 6 soon discovered that down pours had a serious effect! Rivers burst their banks and many homes were destroyed. Fortunately Year 6 were given a £100,000 budget to spend wisely on flood defenses. After some serious thinking they were able to protect their villages and help reduce climate change.

As it was a special day of celebrations in England for ‘Children in Need’, our visitors got into the spirit and wore Pudsey ears! Our visitors were very impressed with all of the hard work the children in our school do. We look forward to working on the project and with our partner schools over the next 2 years.

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